November 10, 2015

Armenia expects a differentiated approach from NATO


Armenia expects that NATO’s policy in South Caucasus will from now on be based on a differentiated and addressed approach.

Deputy Head of Defense Policy Department of the Armenian Defense Ministry Ara Mesrobyan said this at the opening of “NATO-Armenia Cooperation: New Goals and Prospects” conference in Yerevan. 

The Defense Ministry representative has noted that in its annual summit declarations, NATO should avoid generalized approaches to the conflicts in the post-Soviet territories.  

“NATO Wales Summit didn’t give answers to all the questions. We hope that NATO Summit in Warsaw due in 2016 will clarify the alliance’s policy in South Caucasus. It’s time for NATO to pursue a more addressed policy in our region”, said Ara Mesrobyan. 

He has urged the alliance to avoid mentioning the regional conflicts in the declarations or confining to only calls to the conflicting sides for peaceful negotiated solutions. 
According to the Defense Ministry representative, NATO’s regional programs in South Caucasus were failed due to Azerbaijan’s destructive and anti-Armenian policy and the expression of the alliance’s addressed approach will allow implementing a number of programs and contributing to the regional stability and security. 

“Armenia-NATO relations don’t pursue political intentions; they are aimed at improving the country’s security. In the 21st century, one can’t be guided by stiff approaches as far as security is concerned”, concluded Ara Mesrobyan.