June 11, 2015

Armenia is “a model state” for NATO, German Ambassador says


German Ambassador to Armenia Rainer Morel has said today that in terms of cooperation with NATO, Armenia is "a model state”.

The Ambassador said this at “NATO-Armenia Collaboration in the Context of New Challenges” conference in Yerevan today.

According to the Ambassador, “a specific situation” is created in case of Armenia, a country which as CSTO’s loyal ally at the same time accepts NATO’s helping hand.

Head of Communications, Public Diplomacy Division of NATO Gerlinde Niehuus has said in her turn that Armenia is NATO’s “active partner” and is pursuing a political dialogue on the highest level.

She has also hailed Armenia’s participation in NATO’s missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as the process of defense reforms.

The participants of the conference have also touched upon NATO-Russia relations.

“Crimea’s annexation by Russia as well as invasion to eastern Ukraine have abruptly changed the political relations on the European continent creating a serious crisis of trust and we don’t know now how to overcome it”, said the German Ambassador stressing that it’s important to immediately handle the crisis.