June 11, 2015

Armenia-NATO collaboration develops smoothly, official says


Head of the Arms Control and International Security Department of Armenian Foreign Ministry Samvel Mkrtchyan has said today that Armenia’s collaboration with NATO is developing "smoothly, stably and without any setback”.

Samvel Mkrtchyan said this at “NATO-Armenia Collaboration in the Context of New Challenges” conference in Yerevan today.

He has said that Armenia will continue pursuing a balanced foreign policy. According to him, Armenia comes up with its own initiatives in relations with NATO.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry representative has stressed that the political dialogue with NATO is maintained on the highest level which is evidenced by President Serzh Sargsyan’s participation in the NATO Wales Summit in September 2014.

Samvel Mkrtchyan has also highlighted Armenia’s involvement in NATO’s peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo as well as cooperation in strengthening integrity, civilian security and science.

At the same time, he has informed that some of the Armenian side’s initiatives won’t be put into practice. As an example, he has pointed out NATO’s Trust Fund project which is aimed at elimination of military equipment unfit for use, as well as supporting Armenia’s demining capacities which, according to Samvel Mkrtchyan, is a very important component.