June 18, 2015

NATO should be “equally open” to all the partners, Seyran Ohanyan says


Armenia is the only CSTO member and Russia’s strategic ally that has been actively involved in all the NATO-led operations aimed at ensuring peace and stability since 2004.

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan said this addressing a speech at the Armenian National Assembly and NATO Parliamentary Assembly Rose-Roth seminar in Yerevan on June 18.

“Presently, many countries are withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan and NATO is struggling to ensure the least number of necessary troops, while Armenia states its commitment to “All in, all out” principle both in Afghanistan and Kosovo”, said the Minister.

Seyran Ohanyan stated that NATO was expected to demonstrate a balanced approach to the states of the region, especially toward the conflicting sides.

“This issues is more urgent given the biased approaches of one of NATO member states. NATO should be equally open to all the partners ensuring equal opportunities to all the countries of the region, at the same time implementing projects for the three countries of the region to get involved in a multilateral format”, said the Armenian Defense Minister.