Information Center on NATO in Armenia

The idea of setting up the Information Center on NATO in Armenia belongs to the Armenian Center for Transatlantic Initiatives (ACTI). In fall 2005, ACTI started talks with NATO Public Diplomacy Division and the Armenian Government. As a result, the intention of setting up the Center was included in the Armenia’s Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) with NATO. The rent for the Center’s office premise is covered by the Armenian state budget and NATO renders the Center financial assistance and support as to literature and other materials.

The Information Center on NATO in Armenia opened its doors for visitors in November 2006, and the official inauguration took place in March 2007.

The main goal of the Information Center is to provide Armenian public with information on NATO and to present Armenia-NATO cooperation. To reach this goal, the Center implements various programmes and events, publishes books and materials.

All the books and materials presented in the Center are available for the visitors free of charge.

The official inauguration ceremony of the Information Center on NATO in Yerevan took place on March 12, 2007. Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian and NATO Assistant Secretary General on Public Diplomacy Jean Fournet participated in the ceremony.

Jean Fournet stated that the process of informing the society on the North-Atlantic Alliance, the directions of its activities and the tasks are “absolutely essential, if we want to get the right idea on the NATO agenda”. “Our special partnership with Armenia is steadily developing”, Jean Fournet stated, noting that one of the tasks of the Information Center on NATO was to inform the public on the various aspects of Armenia’s cooperation with the Alliance.

Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian stated that “the establishment of such a Center is one of the items of the IPAP, and I am very pleased that we realized the item during the first year of implementation of the given document. It is a very significant step, as by means of the given Center, together with NATO, we will be providing true information on the Alliance, its activities and the cooperation with Armenia”.